Make Sustainable Home Decor from Eco Friendly to High Fashion

A Journey into Sustainable Home Decor

Let’s talk about sustainable design, there are a lot of cool ways to do it, right? The common ways involve building and buying with green materials, yet this often proves pricey in sourcing these materials or time consuming, especially when sourcing salvaged and repurposed items.

Here’s where my incredible client steps in, a multifaceted individual seamlessly blending roles as a Chinese medicine doctor, herbalist, shaman, and now, a sustainable fashion designer.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Home Decor

My client’s vision transcends conventional norms by repurposing bulk remnants into a high-end, sustainable fashion line. Drawing inspiration from her Indonesian culture, resulting in tribal prints, earthy tones and textures. It’s like a fashionista’s version of a Shamanik journey, and its seriously amazing.

Now, why does it matter? Well, in one haul alone, we saved over 50 rolls of luxury fabric remnants from being buried in landfills. The result is a Sustainable Fashion Couture line, a testament to the power of creativity.

High-Fashion Meets Sustainable Design

Participating in this process has been a beautiful experience. Watching this vision unfold has got me all excited for what’s next. However, there’s a personal bit too. In a truly thoughtful gesture, my client crafted a stunning cropped kimono for me, using upholstery remnants from a set of chairs we modified for her home. 

This one of a kind piece serves as a beautiful reminder of our bond formed thru the designing of their home, our shared commitment to sustainable practices and the expression of creativity that binds us.

This client isn’t just a healer; she’s a living example that you can navigate a full medical practice and make space to chase your dreams.

This experience underscores the profound truth that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a mindset. It’s about a commitment to the art of repurposing, the beauty of reimagining, and the creation of a world where design becomes not just an expression but also a celebration of our planet.

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