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When It Comes to Creating a Beautiful and Balanced Space…​

Can You Relate to These Common Frustrations?


Wish someone could pull together the vision for you so you can make smart choices step-by-step?


Want to focus on your career, kids and hobbies instead of struggling with a DIY redecorating project?


Feel like your home decor is missing something and feels unfinished but don’t know how to “finish it off”?

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I Can Help...

Danni Sinclair, Holistic Interior Designer

Hi, I’m Danni Sinclair and I create holistic interior designs for your home and office to boost your mood, embody your style and inspire joy. Done with being annoyed that you never invite people over because you feel embarrassed by how your space looks? Or you’ve tried redecorating that room so many times but still feel lost on how to make it look good? I get it and have seen so many people just like you…tired of waiting to redecorate a room because you struggle to make decisions. You may love interior design (& Pinterest!!) but you aren’t sure how to undertake all the steps to upgrading your space. Or you have no idea and just need help to figure out how to make everything fit nicely. It’s time to get some design and decorating help—without breaking the bank.

Signature Service

Design Your Sanctuary

If you need help with nice decorating but are worried that a professional interior designer will be too expensive, or if you’re wishing for someone to pull together a cohesive vision to ensure your space looks great without you having to make all the decisions yourself, you’ll love my signature design process.

Instead of striving away at a DIY redecorating project, you can focus on your career, kids, and hobbies while I go over your existing furniture, choose new pieces that look pleasing and fit perfectly, and turn your home or office into the sanctuary you want it to be. Together, we’ll create a holistic interior design plan that meets your style, space, and budget.

Ready to Create a Dream Space of Your Own?

Three Steps to Designing a Space that Supports You in All the Right Ways


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