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The Sanctuary Makeover Projects


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A Cozy, Natural + Chic home

Imagine having clear and stress-free directions from your sanctuary makeover projects turning your home or office into the space of your dreams. You no longer need to navigate the overwhelming design process alone. I have served many clients like you and they all faced the same challenge, you have great taste and ambition to get the job done. You just need some guidance.

The clients for this project desired a cozy, natural, and chic design plan, perfect for a family with emerging business owners and small children. Durability, functionality, and flexibility were key considerations in the design process.

Since the home was a new build, we had access to floor plans, making it easier to work virtually. We divided the project into two phases, focusing first on the common areas like the entry, living room, and dining room. Cohesiveness was crucial in these shared spaces, while the bedrooms allowed for more personalized aesthetics.

The color palette we chose reflected the clients’ preferences for natural and elegant tones, with pops of green, ochre, black, white, and beige. We made strategic choices like dark gray cabinets and slightly darker trim for practicality, especially with young kids around.

In the living room, comfort and functionality were prioritized, with furnishings that doubled as storage to manage clutter. The kitchen featured a bold backsplash and practical choices like durable flooring and countertops.

Moving to the bedrooms, we created unique spaces for each family member while maintaining a cohesive overall theme. The primary bedroom exuded a soft, natural vibe with thoughtful details like fabric wall panels and storage solutions. The girl’s room embraced muted pink tones inspired by local landscapes, while the boy’s room had an elevated garage theme using pegboard for a mechanical feel.

Throughout the project, I integrated Feng Shui principles, recommended crystals for energy balance, and suggested low-maintenance plants for a vibrant touch.

The design journey culminated in a comprehensive sanctuary makeover document, complete with shopping links for easy implementation. If you’re ready to transform your space into a dream sanctuary, book a redesign call with me today. Let’s create magic together!

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