About Danni Sinclair

Designs for a Beautiful & Balanced Space

I couldn’t handle the demanding workload any longer. As a corporate event designer, I was working long hours at large trade shows and corporate events until I had a meltdown. I wanted an escape; a retreat from the stress and overwhelm of daily life. I was fortunate enough to get time away to rest and practice yoga. It was then that I felt called to change paths and pursue a career in holistic interior design.

With my training in architecture, hotel and office design, and my experience applying color psychology, visuals, scents, and mindful ways of crafting interior layouts, I knew I had the skills to create intentional spaces that offer a feeling of inner peace and balance.

I became deeply passionate about offering people who feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted (like I did) a sense of a relaxation within their own space. Not everyone has the time or resources to escape, but I believe everyone deserves a retreat, which is why I love using holistic interior design to transform an ordinary space into a sanctuary.

If you are wishing someone could pull together the vision that will make your space feel cohesive, beautiful, and finished or you feel overwhelmed by taking on all the design decisions and steps yourself, click the button below and apply for Your Redesign Consult call.

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